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Holistic Detox Level: Foundation & Comprehensive 5 to 7

For individuals who have never done a Shoolin Detox before, the 5-days Shoolin Detox Starter is an excellent introduction.
Shoolin’s signature Detox.

Toxins and free radicals that are made by the body’s constant metabolic activity may damage cells in the body, causing them to wear and tear, or to age. The ageing process is hastened further by an unhealthy lifestyle, contemporary dietary habits, and extended stress and tension. Detox therapy assists in toning muscles, strengthening the system, revitalising the body, and calming the mind. The medicinal herbal oils used in this method make the skin look better and give it a radiant glow. This package comprises a variety of rejuvenation treatments, including Pizhichil, Sirodhara, Ayurvedabhyangam, Rejuvenation Massage, Medicated Steambath, Njavarakizhi, Head Massage, and Face Massage, among others.

Package Inclusion

✓  Abhyangam

✓  Podikkizhi

✓  Udwarthanam

✓ Dhanyamladhara

✓  Talapothichil

✓ Free Jacuzzi

✓ Free Fish Spa

✓ According to the patient’s constitution and other factorsthe therapy will last between two and three hours every day.