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Signature De-stress


Despite the fact that today’s fast-paced lifestyle may be both thrilling and exhausting, the modern era is one of stress and pressure.
Ayurveda’s comprehensive approach addresses these threats in a natural and healthy manner.
It examines the relationship between the physical body and the mental.
At the physical level, particular massages like Njavara Kizhi, Sirodhara, and others serve to alleviate aches and stressed nerves.
The mind is calmed and the body’s natural rhythm restored via yoga, meditation, and Pranayama [breathing exercises].

Package Inclusion

✓ 7 Abyangam
✓ 4 Foot Massage
✓ 5 Shirodhara
✓ 1 Thalapothichil
✓ Free Jacuzzi
✓ Free Fish Spa
✓ According to the patient’s constitution and other factors, such as how long the illness has been present, the therapy will last between two and three hours every day.